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Specialist in property management of furnished apartments

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Home Management's apartments

Home Management has dedicated itself to the management of high-quality furnished apartments located in Paris, and corresponding to its Corporate clientele. Nota Bene: Home Management does not take over the management of apartments located on the ground floor, nor those above the 3rd floor when there is no lift, nor studio apartments.

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All about Home Management

Home Management was created in 1997 by De Circourt Associates / Paris Rental at the request of the owners of furnished apartments who wished to entrust their property with Home Management in order to feel serene. Home Management ensures the preservation of one's property throughout the duration of the lease, and between each rental.

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Home Management and tenants

Tenants are Corporate Expatriates on assignment in Paris for a long duration, whether in an International Company, or a Government Institution (OECD, Embassies, Military School), for a sabbatical year, or an University year, an artistic project (filmmaking, novel writing ...), or a medical treatment.

Home Management's apartments

Company specialized in long term Prestige Rentals for Expatriates, Multinational firms and Government Agencies

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Furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms in Property Management with Home Management.

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Quartier Latin

Furnished apartment with 3 bedrooms in Property Management with Home Management.

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Le Marais

Furnished apartment with 1 bedroom in Property Management with Home Management.

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Furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms in Property Management with Home Management.

Landlord's Testimonials

A personalized care is applied to the Management of your Paris Furnished Apartment

09/12/2021 No Comments


I would like to celebrate your professionalism and the efficiency of managing my rental property for several years.

Témoignages propriétaire Home Management Gestion Locative
13/07/2019 No Comments

Alexander M. 8th – Property Management Client since 2016

We have been working with Home Management for almost 4 years. Although we had 3 different tenants, our apartment has never been empty for more than a week. Helene, who has followed us since the beginning, is available, dynamic, professional and always shows initiative. Living hundreds of miles away, we could not be so tranquil […]

Témoignages propriétaire Home Management Gestion Locative
13/06/2019 No Comments

Bernard A. 8th – Property Management Client since 2015

I entrusted the Property Management of my apartment with Home Management since 2015. Home Management has ensured this daily management with efficiency and professionalism both in the interest of the tenant and of the landlord. I particularly appreciate the advice, reliability and responsiveness of Home Management for finding a tenant, as such avoiding any period […]

Paris Property Management by Home Management!

Home Management is a Property Management company created in 1997.

Home Management benefits from the efficient rental service of its headquarter, De Circourt Associates- Paris Rental, specialized in renting high-quality furnished apartments.

The vocation of Home Management is to replace the owners of furnished apartments in all stages of property management, by removing all the hassle usually affiliated with the management and the rental of their apartments.

Home Management takes charge of:

  • choosing the candidate according to the guarantees provided to rent the furnished apartment;
  • organizing utilities and internet subscriptions, as well as home insurance;
  • underwriting the state of premises at entry and at exit of the apartment; inventory of the furnishings and fixtures: replacement of damaged, broken items or worn-out items.
  • refurbishing of the apartment between each rental period

Home Management ensures the property preservation of the owners’ furnished apartment in Paris during the duration of long-term rental, and between rentals.

In recent years, many new Rental Management Companies have appeared on the Parisan market encouraging private landlords to use their services by offering very low rental management rates.

Beware: the lower the price, the less service involved! Since getting service requires the action of one or several people to do work and help -and knowing the additional cost of social charges on human labor- cheap fees appear much too enticing to be true.

For example, for each management file at least one administrative person and one person in the field must be present to recognize the problem and supervise the actions undertaken. Similarly, another person oversees the whole project and assumes the ultimate responsability. Finally, a accountant administers the books for eachmanaged apartment. Moreover, Rental Management is a time consuming activity.

For all these reasons, the owners who managed their apartment themselves are aware of the time-consuming nature of the management of a furnished rental, as well as the many malfunctions that can occur. Because taking care of the management of their Paris furnished apartment can take all their free time, many landlords have chosen to delegate this assignment to a rental manager!

Advice to landlords wishing to entrust their furnished apartment to a professional Property Management company :

Whatever you do, choose your property management company not just on the account of the fee, but on the impression that you get when on the phone with the company or, even better, when you go to their office.

By phone: Is the person listening to you, asking you precise questions showing interest for what you want? Do you get an appointment to meet at the apartment? When asking for the list of services and fees, do you get it by mail right away, and if not are those services clearly explained on the website?

At the Property Management office: Is it well-ordered and clean around you? Do you notice a studious atmosphere or do the files tumble over the desks among the dirty coffee mugs?

Since the apartment’s furnishings and equipment are an essential criteria for a successful rental, does the Property Management team advise you on the equipment or furniture missing in your furnished apartment Indeed, the furniture must be comfortable and functional, whether it is for Corporate expatriates or tenants on sabbatical.

To attain this goal, the Home Management’s team accompanies you throughout the steps of putting your Parisian Furnished Apartment in their care, regardless of your choice of fee offers: Gold management or Silver Property Management. A detailed Home Management pricing is available on

In order to answer the most frequently asked questions landlords inquire about regarding their furnished apartment in Paris, the Home Management’s FAQ provides advice and answers. In addition, a Blog section shares the various anecdotes of property management and the expertise of Home Management, since its creation in 1997.

Owners who have taken out a rental management offer with Home management have shared their experience; these testimonials are guarantors of the quality of service offered by our managers in the management of real estate assets throughout the duration of the lease. In addition, our privileged partner Paris Rental is available to rent your furnished apartment to a corporate expat clientele.

In the meantime, if you wish to contact us or send us a question, a contact form is available for our exchange. In addition, before entrusting your property to Home Management, please fill the form of characteristics necessary for your future manager, via this direct link.

Enjoy your visit on !

Wishing to be part of the Home Management adventure? See the dedicated recruitment page.

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