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Frequently Asked Questions about Property Management for furnished apartments

FAQ and Tips for a successful Property Management. Find below the recurring questions from landlords and tenants about furnished apartments’ rentals. Home Management brings you the answers.

Because rental clients come to Paris mainly for professional reasons, they want to have access to their mails right away. Therefore, the fact that Tripleplay is already installed is an asset for the furnished apartment. Given that, the cost of the TriplePlay package is either charged to the tenant or included in the rent. When Internet connection is not connected, tenants can select their provider. However, for those who do not want to take care of their Internet installation, Home Management works with specialized experts. That is to say, from the choice of provider to the proper functioning of TV and WiFi, right on the premises. Whatever the case may be, all extra costs above subscription are the responsibility of the tenant. This is the reason why Home Management periodically checks the internet billing to invoice the tenant, if need be. Because homeowners fear that the tenant will make illegal downloads (Law Adopi), a special clause on the subject is inserted in the lease.

Generally, electricity and gas subscriptions are in the name and charge of tenants. However, for Corporate leases, Paris Rental – Home Management’s partner organises gas and electricity subscriptions on behalf of new tenants. For Principal Residence leases, tenants take care of their own gas and electricity subscriptions.

Unfortunately no. Once the lease agreement is signed, whether Corporate or Principal Residence, Landlords must wait for the term of the lease. Then, notice for re-possession of the premises are in order. It is the case even if a landlord returns from expatriation and has no other home to go.

At all events, for a furnished apartment, the notice due by the landlord is 3 months minimum. The deadline runs from the moment the tenant receives the registered letter. Therefore, it is better to send the letter with more than 3 months notice. Example: a lease runs until October 15th. In this respect, the tenant must receive the letter no later than July 15th. Since, the tenant has 15 days to recover a registered letter at the post office, it would mean that the letter should be sent before July 1. Moreover, the tenant could be absent when the postman comes to deliver the registered letter. If a bailiff gives notice of leave, this implies to send the letter ≈ ten days earlier, that is to say around June 20th. To summarize, better plan a 4 months notice to fit the legal delay!

No, the tenant can leave any time. On the other hand, he has to pay the rent until he gives the keys of the apartment back. For example, he can give the keys during the exit-inventory of the premises.

Firstly, when a water damage occurs in your furnished apartment, the first thing to do is to notify your insurer. And, if the apartment is managed by Home Management, inform the company. Then, Home Management will contact your insurance company and call a plumber. Also, if the damage is severe and the water is still running out, you should turn off the water by closing off the shutoff valve in the apartment. In most cases, at the inventory of the premises, Home Management pointing out where that main valve is located. Moreover, a plumber will make a search for the origin of the leak.

For example: does the leak come from your apartment or does it come from your neighbor’s flat? Namely, the ISRI Convention stipulates that the plumber must be contacted by ” the person who is victim of the water leak”. Then, if the leak causes damage to the neighbor below, he must warn his insurance company and request a plumber. In all cases, inform your Insurance company and Home Management at once!

Good question ! In fact, if the failure is due to improper use by the occupant, the cost of repair will be the tenant’s responsibility. Otherwise, the cost will be borne by the landlord.

No. Actually, when a tenant gives notice in due time, he is only required to pay the rent till that date. As long as he returns the keys at the exit inventory of the premises, on that date or before.

First of all, the maintenance of the furnished apartment results largely from common sense. Not only is it a matter of regular upkeep of the apartment, but also of ventilating the apartment. In addition, the tenant must take care of cleaning the evacuations in bathrooms and kitchen. That is to say the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) must be kept free of dust and no sink should get clogged.  At last, it i up to the tenant to maintain the joints of shower and bath in order to avoid infiltrations of water. 

Similarly, the tenant must replace the battery of the smoke detector when down. Yet, the owner is responsible for buying and installing the detector. 

If the apartment is equipped with a gas boiler, the tenant has the obligation to have the boiler serviced and the duct swept by a professional, once a year. In order to facilitate this maintenance, it is advised that the tenant keeps the landlord’s maintenance contract. At least, the professional sweeper knows the boiler already! if the landlord chooses to keep the boiler contract in his name, then he will bill the tenant for maintenance and sweeping of the boiler, on pro rata temporis. 

Normally, the tenant is also expected to take care of the electric water heater, but it rarely works that way. This is because the cost would be exorbitant since it is essentially based on the plumber’s work. In addition, if the water heater is too scaly because it is old, it is better to replace it than to descale it. Hence, the reason why landlords or their Property Manager, Home Management, usually take care of it.

Yes. Given that tenants come from all over the world, and that often duvet covers and sheets are for different size of beds, it should be included.  

In addition, our clientele is used to get full service in all capitals of the world. So, when arriving in Paris, and renting their new furnished apartment, they should not be disappointed.

Therefore, landlords who list their property with Home Management always provide household linen in sufficient quantity, that is at least two sets per bed. For this reason, Paris Rental’s list gives all the tips on household linens, and more. Whereas the “entry & exit” inventory allows to check the quantity and quality of the linen, and therefore to charge the tenant for missing pieces, it still remains necessary for landlords to renew the household linen every three years. The linen has to be impeccable!

FAQ and Tips for a successful Property Management are the typical exemples of the owners questions. 

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