Home Management’s Partners

Home Management's Partners

To start of, Home Management’s partners are the partners who accompanied the company for the last 22 years. In most cases, our partners brought their expertise to the stages of the Property Management of furnished apartments. 


First, Paris Rental for the long term rental of your furnished apartment. English spoken agency.

Secondly, Carps to guarantee a home insurance to tenants, but also a non-occupant insurance to owners. English spoken.

Next, Garantme to guarantee the tenant of a furnished apartment up to 3,500 € / month. English spoken.

Also, Formediag & exim to create your diagnostics portfolio. English spoken.
Last but not least, Solicitor Lourme & Simencourt to consult an Expert in Real Estate taxes and Fiscal Conventions.


For example, to provide answers to owners about benefits of delegating the Property Management of their apartment. Similarly, a dedicated page “Entrust your real estate for Property Management” tells you about the information requested by Home Management. Moreover, to find answers to recurring questions from landlords and tenants.


Hence, feel free to visit Home Management’s Partners website and to give “Home Management” as reference.

Paris Rental <br> High Standing Furnished Rentals

Paris Rental

Long-term furnished Real Estate Agency in Paris.
Specialized in luxury apartments for Expatriates, International Societies and Government Organizations
Tel: +33 (0)1 43 12 98 00


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