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Recruitment Property Management is a very exciting venture.
In the first place, anyone interested has to be a polyvalent person who loves to tackle problems.

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Property Management

Recruitment Property Management addresses someone who likes to take care of a million things. As a matter of fact, to work in Property Management requires polyvalence. With Home Management, no one day is alike. Actually, if you like that sort of stress, then one of these jobs is for you!


First, anyone who joins Property Management must be “resourceful”. This job requires to respond quickly to tenants who sometimes need help fast. For example, a boiler explodes, and there is a big flood in the apartment.


Home Management’s recruits two levels of competence:

 Administrative & Accounting Manager

– Technical Manager

Home Management Administrative and Accounting Manager in Property Management

Responsible for keeping the owners’ files up-to-date, in particular the mandatory diagnoses needed for rentals. Similarly, the Administrative Manager insures that the tenant’s file is complete. In this respect, the Administrative Manager processes all information for owners and tenants. This includes the monthly financial Statement report to owners, and the annual evolution of rent to tenants. Similarly, Home Management takes care of annual home insurance renewal, boiler maintenance, if any. The Administrative Manager in Property Management must be well organized, as well as have a good knowledge of IT tools (Excel, Word). In this respect, the Administrative & Accounting Manager is in contact with clients and contractors. So, it is essential to have a service-oriented personality. English and French speaking.

Home Management Technical Manager in Property Management

Responsible for maintaining the level of maintenance of the apartments in Property Management. This maintenance happens by direct intervention or by the selection of specialized companies to do the job. Also, as soon as dysfunction or disaster occur, the Technical Manager must check the nature and origin of the sinistre with the right professional trade. In any case, the expert evaluates the work, and the owner in turn accepts the work quote. The Technical Manager organizes the work with the selected companies. Then, the Technical Manager follows up on these interventions until completion. Strong technical skills, but also common sense and good interpersonal relationships are essential. English and French speaking.


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