What is a furnished apartment?

Characteristics of a furnished apartment for successful Property Management

What is a furnished apartment?

Equipment and furniture required in a furnished apartment

Furniture required for a furnished rental

Furnished Apartment in Property Management: “A furnished apartment is a decent housing equipped with a sufficient number and quality of furniture to allow the tenant to sleep, eat and live appropriately under the demands of everyday life.” Art 25 -4 law of 6 July 1989. Art 25-4 loi du 6 juillet 1989.


A decree published on August 5th, 2015 lists the minimum furniture requirement:

– bedding including duvet or blanket
– device for concealing windows in bedrooms
– hotplates
– oven or microwave
– fridge with a freezer section
– dishes needed for meals
– cooking tools
– a table and chairs
– storage shelves
– lighting
– housekeeping equipment

Nota Bene : Do not hesitate to add decorative elements. The more comfortable the apartment is, the faster it will rent!

Furniture required for expatriate tenants

The tenants who reside in furnished rentals managed by Home Management come from all over the world; they are therefore accustomed to the comfort of major hotels around the world. Therefore, when arriving in Paris they assume that they will find an apartment which is comfortabe and functionnal.

To achieve this level of requirement, here is a list of the elements expected by this clientele :

– all linens, this means: pillows, Two sets of sheets for easch bedroom, mattress protectors and pillows, towels and bath mats, set of tables, tea towels, …
– a great deal of household appliances: internet, widescreen television; washing machine and machine dryer or washing & drying machine; dishwasher, oven and microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster; hair dryer…
– decoration and embellishment: pictures on the wall, carpets, mirrors, vases
– elements of comfort such as armchairs, cushions, plaid
– Extras such as a sofa bed, extra heater, fan, air conditioning etc.

What is a furnished apartment?

The technical and logistical side of a successful Property Management

Functional furniture

The furnishings in an apartment must be comfortable and functional, so that tenants can feel quickly at ease in their new environment. A Louis XVI chest with marble top may give some character to the apartment, but the risk to leave marks on the marble top is real; better put a modern chest which will be more convenient and not as fragile. Today it is possible to find functional designer furniture everywhere.

Optimal layout

In summary, here are basic rules to follow:

– Remove all objects that you care about (monetary/sentimental value)

– Provide quality linen of neutral color, white or light, and remember to renew those every 3 to 5 years.

– Dishware should be of standard quality, neutral or white, so you can replace chipped and broken pieces easily.

– Buy sofas with removable covers in order to clean them regularly.

– To avoid unsightly electrical wires on the wall, do not hang the television on the wall. Moreover, a fixed television can hinder the moving of furniture for a better configuration of the room.

– Ensure that main water and gas inflows are easily accessible and identifiable

– Check for accessibility to the bath and shower hatches

– when there is a boiler, make sure that the boiler duct is accessible for sweeping.

– Make sure the access to the electrical panel is clear. In case of problems, a detailed switchboard can be very useful .

– Leave the instruction manuals for all appliances in a chosen place

When installing appliances in the kitchen, do take the measurements into account in case of breakdown for there may be suprises in store for you!

For example, that of not being able to remove the machine properly because of other furniture placed at an angle, therefore preventing access to the back of the machine.


Similarly, do not put a double bed bed on a mezzanine, then proceed to build a spiral staircase to gain space in the living-room; because, it is certain that, one day, it will be necessary to change the bed. Elect instead to put two single beds to make a large bed, which will allow the bedding element to pass through the staircase.

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