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Paris Rental High Standing Furnished Rentals is Home Management’s dedicated Partner.

Who is Paris Rental ?

De Circourt Associates -later renamed Paris Rental is a Real Estate Agency who specializes in long term Furnished Rentals. The company was founded in 1987 by Claire de Circourt. Firstly, her aim was -and still is to assist expatriate executives relocating to Paris for their work. Above all, an expatriate herself in the United States for 15 years, Claire was well aware of the difficulties of being uprooted. After all, to find a flat in Paris was a terrible challenge that she knew she could make easier. In addition, for Corporates who do not know Paris and who do not speak French either, it was like an obstacle course. An other point is that owners of accommodations often did not speak English. As a result, De Circourt Associates – Paris Rental became a beneficial intermediary between the owners and their future tenants, and vice versa.

More on Paris Rental

Therefore, on the advent of Internet, the web address “Paris” replaced the company’s original name “De Circourt Associates”. Clearly this name is much easier to pronounce for citizens of all countries who turn to Paris Rental for their rental of a long-term furnished apartment in Paris.


Paris Rental High Standing Furnished Rentals is specialist in Corporate Furnished Rentals. Furthermore, Corporations of the ACC, as well as World Organizations such as UNESCO call on Paris Rental. They entrust Paris Rental’s expertise for the needs of their employees and diplomats. In other words, Paris Rental’s team is aware of their customers’ requirements used to the comfort of luxury hotels. Namely, when an expatriate client calls upon Paris Rental, s/he is making progress! Obviously, the quick response of the Paris Rental’s team made the reputation of the company. Similarly, a wide choice of luxury furnished apartments, and full service with every step of the installation guarantees a pleasant moving. For instance, upon moving in a new apartment, Paris Rental organizes subscriptions for electricity, gas, home insurance and Internet triple-play. In fact, Paris Rental removes all contingencies from its busy clientele.


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Thanks to Paris Rental you get a secured rental of your furnished apartment, with our clientele of international expatriates and governmental institutions.

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Given that, are you planning to move to Paris for a long term rental?

For many years we have been working with Paris Rental - De Circourt Associates, and we still are satisfied with the efficiency and friendliness of the staff, their judicious advice and the legal follow-up. Business is closely monitored, and we particularly appreciate the agency's seriousness and competence, as well as its availability. Again, thank you for our pleasant collaboration.
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