How to position appliances in a room?

How to position appliances in a room?

How to position appliances in a room?

In this pretty apartment of the 18th arrondissement, the washing machine was installed in the kitchen before the integrated kitchen furniture was delivered.

One day, the washing machine broke down, and the repair man faced a dilemma: the machine could be pulled forward only to a certain extent for the top had been designed with an angle in order to fit the crooked wall of this old apartment. Therefore, the machine was stuck!

Even two men could not pulled it out from above, because of the cupboards above. Yet, one had to pay the Darty technicien 66 € for his intervention, although he left empty-handed. Then, a do-it-yourselfer took off part of the worktop’s panel and pulled out the dishwasher in order to have access to the back of the washing machine. For this intervention, he was paid 120 €, including his displacement.

Of course Darty came back and repaired the machine for 130 € which included the necessary spare part, labor and displacement.

Then, the handyman came back to set up the work plan again and was paid 80 €.

All in all, it took two weeks, six round trips plus the time spent on the spot, for a total of almost 400 € all tax included!

Lesson: When your kitchen is installed, whether built-in or not, make sure the appliances are easily accessible. For one day or another, your machines will break down!


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