Recessed water circuit

Recessed water circuit

Recessed water circuit

As a rule, architects do not like to see pipes, and do their best to bury them.

The neighbor from below complains of a leak on the ceiling of his corridor.

Yet, above, Home Management finds no trace of moisture. This hallway is located between a kitchen and a bathroom. The main water arrival in theappartment is at the end of the corridor, but there is no pipe visible. Unfortunately, the pipes are buried in the ground. But where?

There are two possible options:

1. To break the floor. But where to start ? The building is old and it is not because the neighbor has a leak on the ceiling of his corridor, that the leak comes from the corresponding area in the apartment above. If the floor is first broken in the hallway, then in the bathroom to finally realize that the leak comes from the kitchen, there will be three floor areas to redo!

2. To redo the water installation. The plumber will stop the water circuit going into the ground, and he will create a whole new apparent circuit starting from the water supply which will in turn supply both bathroom and kitchen.

The second solution was finally choosen because it allowed to stop the leak instantly, therefore not depriving the tenant of water any longer. This repair was also much less expensive for the owner of the premises than the first would have. The exposed pipes were painted, so that they blend into the walls. Any future leak can now be immediately detectable, the tenant can signal it promptly, and the plumber can intervene simultaneously.

Lesson: When putting your apartment for rent, do consider making it easy for your tenant and the workers who will be involved, when trouble hits.


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