Spiral Staircase and Hot Water Balloon

Spiral Staircase and Hot Water Balloon

Spiral Staircase and Hot Water Balloon

A duplex apartment in the 3rd district : the main bedroom and bathroom are in the upper part of the duplex, and to get access to it you must go through a spiral staircase.

When the hot water balloon broke down, it was impossible to get the balloon through the spiral staircase; even two people could not get this boiler balloon through. Eventally, the boiler had to go through the bedroom’s window with a freight elevator.

The cost of the operation was heavy: a plumber for the removal of the balloon, freight elevator and its driver, the installation of two small boilers in order to avoid the same inconvenience again, extra time and displacements for Home Management, and rent reduction granted to the tenant who was left without hot water for a week!

Because of the spiral staircase, carrying out that task proved to be much more expensive than a standard replacement.

Lesson: A hot water tank is a heating system that wears down, and will break down eventually! Since it is the device that allows for hot showers and baths, it can be unbearable to be deprived of it. Also, be sure to evaluate the size of the balloon according to the spiral staircase.


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