Spiral staircase and King size bed!

Spiral staircase and King size bed!

Spiral staircase and King size bed!

In this chic duplex apartment in the 16th district, the master bedroom and bathroom are upstairs separated from the rest of the apartment by a spiral staircase.

When the owners went to Hong Kong with their family, they rented their apartment furnished. Later on, when the tenants terminated the lease, and that an inventory of the premises was done, it appeared that the bed mattress had to be replaced.

When the master bedroom had been installed upstairs, the bed was mounted up before the spiral staircase. That why, it was now impossible to take the mattress down. Impossible too to to pass the mattress through the small window of the 7th floor, while the large full windows of the living room on the 6th floor would have been perfect. What to do ?

After consulting with various trades, it appeared that ​​it was necessary to remove the spiral staircase, then to take down the old mattress and to get the new mattress up with a winch. The spiral staircase was mounted again and, when all was done, the wall areas damaged during the intervention were refurbished.

Lesson: 1- In general, cover the mattress with two pads, especially if you know that the bed or the mattress should not be removed for at least a good ten years (avoid plastic mattress that makes sleepers sweat).

2- Anticipate! A narrow staircase prevents any change of furniture, even for the large TV screen.


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